Principal Responsibilities

Every pupil is responsible to the principal of the school that s/he attends for his/her conduct on the school premises or while traveling on a school bus under contract to the Board.

The Principal

  1. Is responsible for supervision of all loading and unloading at the school, and will ensure that a supervisor is available to monitor loading and unloading activities.
  2. Notifies STSTB of any problems with routes: arrivals, departures, driver performance, discipline, etc.
  3. Will have knowledge of the routes and schedules of buses serving their school. Schools must request from STSTB additions/deletions of students to routes.
  4. Investigates and resolves, in conjunction with STSTB, all reported problems on the bus. May request video surveillance, if necessary.
  5. Informs parents/guardians of the problem and the disciplinary action that has been taken.
  6. Will arrange emergency transportation through STSTB only.
  7. Will ensure that elementary schools have classroom instruction on school bus safety and bus evacuation drills each year. The bus operators will provide a bus and trained personnel.
  8. Will inform parents/guardians and students of any rules and regulations established to ensure safety on the buses. Ensures that students and parents are familiar with all student and parent guidelines on the STSTB website.
  9. Must ensure the school has a contingency plan for the safe care of students in the event of early closure.
  10. Will have knowledge of their school zone and is able to provide this information to parents when they register.

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