Student Responsibilities

In order for STSTB to provide the safest possible transportation in an efficient, economical and safe manner, students are requested to observe the following rules.

1. Rules for getting on the bus safely

The student(s):

  1. Shall be at pick up points five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus. Never run to or from the bus.
  2. Must wait at the stop in a safe place, well back from the side of the road.
  3. Must recognize that a danger zone exists in the immediate vicinity (approx. 3 meters) of school vehicles. The danger zone is anywhere close enough to the bus to touch it. The bus driver cannot see you when you are in the danger zone. Children must never enter the danger zone unless the driver has given them permission.
  4. If you cross the street to get on the bus: When the bus comes, you must wait until it has come to a complete stop. The bus driver will make sure all the traffic stops. The stop arm will come out and the red lights will be flashing. Watch the driver. When the driver knows it is safe, he or she will signal you to cross, but watch for traffic yourself. Walk, don’t run.
  5. Board and leave the bus in an orderly fashion. Hold onto the handrail as you get on and off the bus. Don’t push or shove.

2. Rules for school bus riding

The student(s)
  1. May be transported from a designated bus stop to school and return only.
  2. Must realize that the bus driver is in complete charge of the bus.
  3. Will be denied the privilege of riding the bus for not observing regulations and instructions as per the member Boards' rule of conduct policy.
  4. Are prohibited from smoking (including e-cigarettes/vaping) or using non-prescribed drugs or alcohol on all school buses at any time.
  5. Shall not fight or use obscene language or gestures on the bus.
  6. Will be held responsible for any willful damage to the bus.
  7. Will not bring annoying, dangerous or disturbing objects on school buses. This includes, but is not limited to, fire crackers, toy weapons, weapons, explosives, ammunition, birds, animals, etc. Skateboards are not allowed on buses unless they fit safely into a packsack or are properly secured for transport.
  8. Will behave in an orderly fashion while on the bus.
  9. Will inform the driver if anyone is known to be absent.
  10. Will remain seated facing forward at all times, and will not distract the driver and/or other students.
  11. Will keep the aisle clear of feet, bags and pack sacks to avoid tripping others.
  12. May open windows only with the driver's permission. Will keep head, hands and arms inside the bus.
  13. Must not tamper with emergency door, windows or equipment.
  14. Must not throw anything inside, out of, or at the bus at any time.
  15. Will maintain a clean bus by using the provided containers located at the front/rear of the bus.
  16. Must realize that objects which may hinder the safe operation of the vehicle or the safety of the students, may be refused on the bus.
  17. Will talk quietly while on the bus. The driver must not be distracted to drive the bus safely.
  18. Must save snacks for snack time at school or until you get home. Snacks may spill or you may choke if the bus goes over a big bump.
  19. Must be familiar with rules for emergencies.
  20. Must not fight or shout or play in OR around the bus.

3. Rules for leaving the bus safely

The students(s)
  1. Hold the handrail and then take two large steps away from the bus when leaving it.
  2. To cross the street in front of the bus, walk ahead of the bus at least three metres (ten (10) giant steps). Cross only when the driver gives a signal. Cross the street in single file.
  3. If you drop something near the bus (in the danger zone), don’t pick it up. Tell the driver or other adult.
  4. If everyone is getting off the bus, the people in front leave first. Do not push.

Winter Safety Tips While Waiting At Your Stop

  • Leave yourself some extra time in the morning to get on the bus.
  • Dress appropriately to ensure protection from the cold, wind, snow or rain.
  • Stand away from where the bus stops. The bus needs extra room to stop when there is ice and snow.
  • Don’t throw snowballs at the bus.
  • Don’t slide on ice and snow while waiting for the bus
  • Don’t push or shove near the bus stop, someone may slip on the ice.

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