Procedure for Appealing Transportation Arrangements

Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay plans student transportation based on its member school boards’ joint transportation policy and in keeping with STSTB practices and procedures to ensure consistency and fairness throughout the service area. If a parent/guardian is not satisfied that their students’ transportation arrangements are consistent with these policies, practices and procedures, a review of those arrangements can be requested.

The process outlined below applies to all student transportation services arranged by STSTB on behalf of its three (3) member school boards.

While every effort will be made to respond expeditiously to the appeals received, the timelines indicated in the process outlined below are subject to change as events relating to student transportation may arise that require the primary focus of STSTB staff.

1. Parent/guardian discusses concern with a STSTB Transportation Officer, (807) 625-1660.

2. If Parent/guardian is not satisfied with Transportation Officer’s response, they will be directed to discuss further with the STSTB Operations Officer.

3. If parent/guardian is not satisfied with Operations Officer’s response, they can appeal to the Consortium Manager in writing who, after receiving the appeal and obtaining all pertinent information from STSTB staff, will make a decision in writing within 10 working days.

Requests for appeals to transportation decisions once you have discussed with a Transportation Officer and the Operations Officer can be made here

4. If the parent/guardian is not satisfied with the decision of the Consortium Manager, the appellant can make a further written appeal to a designated senior board official of the member board at which their student attends. The Consortium Manager will provide the appellant with the process for making their appeal and will forward all pertinent documentation including rationale for decisions made by STSTB to the designated senior board official for review.

5. The decision of the senior board official shall be final.

Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay is a student transportation consortium of these 3 school boards:

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